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Larry Wilson

Jacksonville, FL

#7 Heading South

From Excursion Memory Series

Acrylic & pencil on Rives BFK Paper mounted on wood box

45" x 45"


The Excursion Memory Series started as a body of work that was influenced by memories of growing up in Miami and hanging out at Matheson Hammock State Park, Crandon Beach and the Everglades. The series are compositions of all that imagery that has filled my head since childhood. It has since grown into a series that is influenced by events in our world that are affecting our daily lives. This includes urban development, environmental threats, war, political uprising, as well as, the increased intensity of weather patterns and it’s ramifications.

I prefer to work in series. This approach allows me to fully explore a concept before moving on to the next body of work. It also allows the concept to be revisited in the future. Being interested in both sculpture and painting I often split my studio time between the two mediums. I find this combination not only gives me the freedom to explore different expressions, but one feeds off of the other making the total body of work stronger.

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