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Overstreet Ducasse

Jacksonville, FL

The Village

Mixed media on wood

9' 2.25" x 6' 2.5"


Overstreet Ducasse is a Haitian artist based in Jacksonville, Florida. After moving to the United States at
age six and feeling disconnected with his new environment, Ducasse found solace - and a way of
expressing himself - through art. His work stands out due to its hidden depths: clever symbolism,
metaphors and irony lay just beneath the surface for viewers to explore as they attempt to decipher what
statement he's trying best to convey. Through 'The Floreada Targets' series specifically; these
amalgamations of gun range targets -- representing magazine covers -- document current affairs while
prompting civic engagement between those that take it upon themselves to view them carefully.

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Speak Softly

Mixed Media on Wood


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