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Tiffany Manning

Jacksonville, FL

Synthesis of Self

Acrylic on Canvas

40" x 40"


“I lovingly refer to my studio practice as the art of allowing. I am creating to be present in my body. I am creating to have a better understanding of the parts inside that can only be discovered through a sense of mental displacement. My time in the studio is one part moving meditation and one part dance party for one. This is where I tap into my bliss, but that state of bliss can only be achieved when I am acting as a conduit, rather than a conductor.”

Acrylic painter Tiffany Manning’s drive to create is fueled by a lifelong fascination with energy and the way it moves through people to form the connective tissue that weaves our world together. The aspects rooted somewhere between science and spirit are what excite her the most. Coupled with a process heavily influenced by music and dance, she creates an environment which allows her to surrender to the experience, and simply be present with the canvas. There is a palpable energetic presence coursing through her work that is deeply grounded in joy because that is the energy she wants to leave behind, long after the work is done.


Tiffany Manning: Synthesis of Self: Project
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