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Marsha Glazière

Jacksonville, FL


Acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas

60" x48"


My signature style of fusing mixed-media with acrylic painting has taken many years to develop. Each time I create a work of art, I use my own version of skills learned at university and have continued to further enhance and refine my skills by taking Master painting and printmaking workshops with mentors such as Nathan Oliveira of Stanford University and Michael Mazur of Yale University as well as a lot of time in the studio.

 I am inspired by the urban as well as the natural landscape. The juxtaposition of roadway interchanges and underpasses fascinates me and challenges my sense of abstraction, perspective and texture.

Directing my focus to the seven distinctive bridges which cross the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, I am attempting to capture each bridge from a different visual perspective, ‘interpreting’ what I see, while remaining faithful to the actual architectural structure and unique characteristics of each bridge.


Marsha Glazière: Labyrinth: Project
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